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MastCraft is an experienced metal structure manufacturer whose headquarters is located in
Ylivieska. MastCraft produces turnkey services for telecommunications and energy network. These structures are used, for example, in telecommunications masts, light masts, commercial wind power masts and wind measurement masts, roof masts and antenna supports and holders. Our masts are either lattice masts
(guy-wired or self-supporting) or tubular masts. In the field of telecommunications network building, the core competences of MastCraft also include the inspection, maintenance and erection of masts and the installation of components. The needs of our clients define what MastCraft can do.

Equipment shelters are delivered in cooperation with our partners, for example as shelters for ground fault current arc suppression coils, electrical substations, and other equipment related to energy and telecommunications network building.


MastCraft offers its clients structure design services and is happy to manufacture products that are fully tailored to the needs of the client. MastCraft's clients include nationwide operators, phone companies and energy technology companies.

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