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Mastcraft historia

In the beginning there were work gloves, a smith hammer and a forge

MastCraft Oy was originally founded as Keskipohjanmaan Konekorjaamo in 1948.Thus, the company has nearly 70 years of experience in metal building.It was founded in the growth centre of Ylivieska in northern Ostrobothnia to respond to the need for metal products in the developing city.As a new family took over the ownership of MastCraft in the 1970s, its core competence became the production and installation of steel structures.Timo Pälli and Olli Seppälä are third-generation entrepreneurs in the company and continue MastCraft's tradition as an expert in steel and network building.Since the dawn of the company, the smith hammer has been joined by modern metal technology to further strengthen our traditional skills in metal crafting.MastCraft Oy is the third oldest functioning company in Ylivieska.
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Finland's biggest trust MastCraft

Today, MastCraft's clients include some of the largest telecommunication operators, phone companies and information network builders in Finland.A clearly growing client group are wind power companies, especially wind power developers, and other energy infrastructure companies – wherever MastCraft solutions are needed.MastCraft has invested a lot in wind power services and built a trusted partner network in order to be able to offer comprehensive product and service solutions to our customers.The corner stone of MastCraft's operations are long-term client relationships based on trust. In addition, MastCraft is always happy to help with smaller orders and single projects.MastCraft also provides its expertise to the largest operators of the mast business in Finland, especially for the most demanding tasks and installations involving masts.MastCraft always provides custom solutions to its clients, including everything from the production to the installation and maintenance of the products.



Vestia Väisälä
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MastCraft's values and promises


The best

THE BEST QUALITY.MastCraft complies with all product and production standards of the sector.Key words are EN 1090 and EN 1993-3-1. MastCraft has earned the trust of its clients by complying with and exceeding the requirements set in these standards.MastCraft mast structures are designed according to the Eurocode standards.The most important MastCraft principle is to manufacture products whose quality and durability guarantee that our clients receive the best value for their money

Quickness and efficiency

QUICKNESS AND EFFICIENCY – as important in steel building as elsewhere.MastCraft agrees on the phases and schedules of the product delivery with its clients.MastCraft's production processes have been designed in a way that enables serving clients even when they are in need of very tight delivery schedules.Our goal is also to work as a one-stop shop for our clients.This means that we are glad to solve any challenges, problems and other factors the client has regarding delivery.In other words, MastCraft wants to spare its clients' time and effort, so that they can concentrate on their own core business.

Joy at work

JOY AT WORK.A company is only as good as its employees.MastCraft values the expertise of its staff and invests in their well-being.MastCraft is a safe, trustworthy and flexible employer.A happy staff is more committed and also prepared to be flexible toward the employer, if the client's situation requires it.At MastCraft, a job well done is a matter of honour.

A promise is a promise

A PROMISE IS A PROMISEMastCraft takes the success of its clients very seriously.This requires precision, punctuality and strong expertise - above all, sticking to what has been agreed.Some goals may require a lot of effort, but MastCraft does not rest on its client's time.Every now and then, welding sparks light up the darkening evening in Ylivieska in order for our client to receive the delivery with the agreed content and highest quality right on time.At MastCraft, we live up to our promises.

The client comes first

CLIENT = 1.The flexible functions in MastCraft's production processes guarantee a customer-oriented approach.Honouring our clients' needs and schedules has been a guiding principle for our company from the beginning.Whether you need components, planned maintenance or a turnkey package – we deliver!  
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MastCraft is developing

Now that the next generation has taken over, MastCraft is developing even further.Next to our existing clients and product groups, construction solutions for industry and energy production – commercial wind power, nuclear power construction and power companies – are taking a strong foothold.MastCraft's product portfolio is growing, the new products include light masts, city masts, small wind power masts and high-voltage line structures.MastCraft's newest product is a wind measurement mast that can

also be rented.Our wind power services also include manual labour; we install different measuring instruments with expertise and deliver the beams and holders needed.Together with our partners, we offer services for all stages of a wind power project.Ask for further information!

The solutions MastCraft has developed for telecommunications networks in city buildings are truly new generation mast products.Our roof masts and antenna supports are very durable and easy to install.MastCraft innovations also include smaller components, different holders and clamps for masts and other building solutions.Our continuous product development and experienced staff guarantee that the products are tested in practice and that their functionality has been established.

In addition to the product portfolio expansion, MastCraft aims to serve its clients even better, for example with planning and maintenance services attached to the products.In the construction branch, the authorities, among others, are contacted during several stages of a single project. MastCraft has mastered this and is always prepared to handle it on behalf of its clients.MastCraft continues to nurture its long-term client relationships with an expanding product range and welcomes new clients from Finland and all over the world!

MastCraft wants to be a leading company in its branch.This is why MastCraft is, among other things, a member of the Finnish steel structure association Teräsrakenneyhdistys, and is very active in its mast division.It is a way for MastCraft to make sure that its business is up-to-date and to develop the future of mast building as part of the European standardisation system.

MastCraft wants to ensure the quality of its operations, continuous development and to respond to its clients’ expectations now and in the future.This continuous development is also reflected in the right to use the CE mark for supporting steel structures MastCraft received in July 2014.

Tulevaisuus - Mastcraft
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The Mastcraft team




Functions: CEO, number crunching
Vision:MastCraft is a pioneer of the Finnish mast industry
Olli on Olli:" Tough jobs for tough men!"
Timo on Olli:" It's great to have him on board, as he understands things beyond mast building!!”

Olli has a degree in industrial economics and was already working at MastCraft during the summers of his youth and studenthood.After an inspirational break of a couple of years, Olli returned to MastCraft in 2012, this time as owner and executive.

Olli is very interested in developing operations and systems as well as number crunching.That is why he is in charge of sales, finances and governance at MastCraft.To Olli's shame, he was at first too afraid to climb up a mast and more excited about Excel.But people can develop and so can Olli.Today, he can be seen at the top of a mast, if it's his turn to climb!

Olli is a thinker with a strong backbone, efficient, enthusiastic, determined, an ordinary Finnish and Ylivieskan man who appreciates a job well done in all its forms.And especially when it’s done with great expertise.Olli also appreciates an easygoing atmosphere and a twinkle in the eye.


Functions: production management, steel structure man
Vision : dreams about owning a company that is one of the most sought-after places to work in Finland
Timo on Timo:”Physical strain is just good for you!”
Olli on Timo:”Timo is a true expert in the field of masts.He can design, build and install any mast you can imagine.”

Timo is a trained sheet metal worker and welder and later obtained a degree in industrial management and engineering.His newest degree is in construction engineering and design.Timo has worked at MastCraft all his life and has gained a strong experience in the field.

Timo is persistent, positive and a veritable Gyro Gearloose who never gives up and is very interested in designing new products and improving existing ones.This is why he is in charge of continuous development in addition to operational management.

Timo has had sport as an active hobby for over 20 years.His favourite game is ice hockey and he is captain of his team.As a captain, be it at work or play, Timo is flexible, calm and easy to approach.Timo admits his own mistakes, few as they are...He also accepts the mistakes of other people with a smile, as they are lessons for the future.



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