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MastCraft delivers masts nationwide for operators, phone companies, telecommunications and energy network companies, mines, construction companies, ports and authorities, to name but a few.Our experts design mast solutions that are adapted to the needs of the customer, be the structure 9 or 90 metres high.None of our mast types have a minimum height, and MastCraft's mini masts can be used nearly everywhere (i.e. for traffic cameras).The maximum height depends on the mast type.Our masts are either lattice masts (guy-wired or self-supporting) or tubular masts.

MastCraft also offers a range of services connected to, for example, planning and obtaining the necessary authorisations.Find out more: Planning.

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Tubular masts are ideal for the needs of telecommunications, as light masts or as wind power masts.Our standard tubular masts are 0–48 metres high.




A self-supporting mast can be used for nearly all purposes.Light masts, wind power masts and collapsible masts, for example, can be realised in the form of self-supporting masts.Our standard self-supporting masts are 0–69 metres high.The width of the base depends on the height of the mast.


The highest masts of our product range are guy-wired masts.Guy-wired lattice masts are usually used as telecommunications, link, wind measurement or radio masts.Our standard models are up to 91 metres high, but MastCraft is able to deliver even higher masts, i.e. for wind measurement.

N.b!Upon request, all our mast types are available as higher versions than the standard versions mentioned above.Wind measurement masts, for example, can be up to 140 metres high.Wind measurement masts can also be rented, even for a year or two, in which case they are erected at the location the client wants.We also offer our expertise for the installation of measuring instruments and the delivery of the necessary beams and holders.
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Equipment facilities

Our equipment facilities are used as shelters for energy and telecommunications network equipment.They protect ground fault current arc suppression coils, base station equipment and generators, for example.In cooperation with our partners, we can deliver the equipment shelter with different accessories, especially for the field of electrical grid building.The equipment shelter can be delivered in parts to the address specified by the client or be installed on-site.The facade colour of the shelter can be customised.We continue our product development vigorously and are about to launch modular and thermally insulated versions.Ask for further information!




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Building solutions


MastCraft provides operators and phone companies with building masts for the construction of telecommunications networks (3G, 4G) in urban agglomerations.MastCraft's expertise in building masts is top notch, and thus MastCraft has a large market share in these products.Our building products are known for their high quality and short delivery times.

MastCraft's building products include:
- roof masts
- roof bridges
- antenna bases
- link holders
- wall holders, wall scaffolds
- eaves scaffolds

Building installations require custom designs more often than masts.Read more about MastCraft's structure planning service: Planning.

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MastCraft delivers mast equipment nationwide.Our equipment makes installing antennas, radio units and other necessary things to masts easy, quick and cost-efficient.

We offer, for example:
- different holders for all mast flanges
- horizontal beams
- cable trays
- pressure equalising plates
- safety rails
- barriers

We now offer a very innovative holder!It is very different from traditional
holders, but easy and quick usability was the starting point of its design.
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Mast works

MastCraft offers mast work all over Finland on masts from its own factory, but is also happy to work on masts from other manufacturers and on other high structures.Mast upkeep, maintenance, high altitude installations and metal structure installations are all part of MastCraft's core competence.

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MastCraft delivers the mast and erects it either using a mobile crane or a helicopter.Upon request, MastCraft can build a road to the mast, cut down obstructing trees, deliver an equipment shelter and do the final landscaping.





- installing antennas on masts and roofs
- installing
whole building solutions
- installing mast equipment
- installing wind measurement instruments





MastCraft's documentation facilitates the work of mast owners and managers considerably.MastCraft creates extensive documentation on the masts it manufactures and erects.Their exact location, the route to them, the equipment they carry, their height, their installation and maintenance dates and actions, their owners and future installations and maintenance on them are documented clearly.MastCraft's documentation service guarantees that the mast information is always up-to-date.

MastCraft also documents masts by other manufacturers during their erection and afterwards.



MastCraft provides comprehensive maintenance services in the field of masts.The maintenance work and repairs can be ordered individually, but we are happy to conclude long-term maintenance contracts with our clients.MastCraft ensures that yearly maintenance work on the masts is carried out on time on behalf of its contract clients.


MastCraft also carries out specialist work anywhere where high-altitude skills or metal or steel structure expertise is needed.These specialist tasks include general alarm installations on water towers or installing metal railings or shelters.

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In most cases, MastCraft is able to offer its clients considerable help in such things as obtaining a building permit or can even take charge of the whole authorisation process.MastCraft can also deal with the inspections and notifications involved and offers head designer and construction foreman services


MastCraft offers a broad range of standard mast and building products.Sometimes the property size, rules and regulations or terrain characteristics can create special requirements for the structures or the installation. If that is the case, MastCraft designs the mast individually.The client will always receive a 3D-CAD design of the mast, documentation on the technology used and the constructions drawings with the appropriate strength calculations.MastCraft's mast structures comply with the corresponding Eurocode standard.

Building installations require custom designs more often than masts.The requirements regarding the appearance, installation and safety of the structure come from many sources – the property manager, building inspectors, the housing cooperative's board and/or the owners of the property.Due to our extensive experience, MastCraft is a trustworthy actor in its field and always provides its best expertise to its clients.

MastCraft is often thanked for good service, on-site inspections, extensive and professional planning and smooth installation services.


In addition to masts, MastCraft's structure designers create 3D models of many other kinds of metal structures and conduct strength and stress calculations for other structures as well.Get more information from our experts!





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